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Selections From Best of Broadside 1962-1988

Various Artists

Initial release : 2000

Smithsonian Folkways

This single CD collection of tracks from the Best Of Broadside box set, includes a track by Bob Dylan.

Tracks / Performers

The tracks and performers on this compilation are;

  • Links on the Chain - Broadside Singers and Phil Ochs
  • The Ballad of Donald White - Bob Dylan
  • The Civil Defense Sign - Mark Spoelstra
  • Shady Acres - Janis Ian
  • Nothing But His Blood - F.D. Kirkpatrick
  • Legal-Illegal - Pete Seeger
  • Welcome, Welcome Emigrante - Broadside Singers and Buffy Sainte-Marie
  • The Migrant's Song - Danny Valdez and Augustin Lira
  • The Faucets Are Dripping - Malvina Reynolds
  • The Willing Conscript - Pete Seeger
  • Inez - Bev Grant / Human Condition
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