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Old Time Music Collection, Volume 2

Various Artists

Original release : 2009

Acoustic Disc ACD-AO-50012

A download only compilation of tracks released on Acoustic Disc CDs. Includes two tracks with Jerry Garcia. Uncertain of release year.


  • Hot Corn, Cold Corn - Jerry Garcia & David Grisman
  • Maggie's Farm - Mike Seeger
  • The Storms Are On The Ocean - Charles Sawtelle, Norman Blake, David Grisman
  • Mississippi Bound - Mike Compton & David Long
  • The Blind Fiddler - Jody Stecher
  • Twin Sisters - John Cohen
  • Frankie & Johnnie - Doc Watson & David Grisman
  • Danville Girl - John Cohen
  • Arkansas Traveller - Jerry Garcia & David Grisman
  • Coffee Blues - John Sebastian & David Grisman
  • Oh The Wind And Rain - Jody Stecher
  • Hound Dawg - David Grisman, John Hartford, Mike Seeger
Related releases

The tracks are from the following albums.

Hot Corn, Cold Corn:

Maggie's Farm:
  • Retrograss, David Grisman, John Hartford and Mike Seeger, 1999
The Storms Are On The Ocean: Mississippi Bound:
  • Stomp, Mike Compton & David Long, 2006
The Blind Fiddler: Twin Sisters: Frankie & Johnnie: Danville Girl: Arkansas Traveller: Coffee Blues:
  • Satisfied, John Sebastian and David Grisman, 2007
Oh The Wind And Rain: Hound Dawg:
  • Retrograss, David Grisman, John Hartford and Mike Seeger, 1999
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