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The Best Of The Sons Of Champlin

The Sons of Champlin

Initial release : 2006

Acadia Records

Compilation of tracks taken from the bands albums on the Capitol label. The track list is the same as that of the 1993 Best Of compilation on Capitol.

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  • 1982-A
  • Everywhere
  • Hello Sunlight
  • Terry's Tune
  • Boomp Boomp Chop
  • Hey Children
  • Love Of A Woman
  • Get High
  • Headway
  • A Sound Love
  • It's Time
  • Things Are Gettin' Better
  • Black and Blue Rainbow
  • Freedom

  • Bill Champlin - guitar, keyboard, saxophone, vocals
  • Geoffrey Palmer - bass, keyboards, saxophone, vocals
  • Bill Bowen - drums
  • Tim Caine - saxophone
  • Terry Haggerty - guitar
  • Al Strong - bass
  • Jim Beem - trumpet
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1982-A, Everywhere, Get High, Hello Sunlight, Black And Blue Rainbow, Things Are Gettin' Better and Freedom were originally released on;

Love of a Woman, It's Time and Boomp Boomp Chomp were originally released on; Hey Children, Headway and A Sound Love were originally released on; Terry's Tune was originally released on a single;
  • Terry's Tune / You Can Fly, The Sons Of Champlin, 1970