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The Best Of Yesteryear

Blue Cheer

Initial release : 1990


A compilation of tracks taken from Blue Cheer LPs on the Philips label.

album cover

  • Summertime Blues (Cochran / Capehart)
  • The Hunter (Jones / Wells / Jackson)
  • Love Of A Woman (Peterson)
  • Babaji (Mayell)
  • Peace Of Mind (Holden)
  • Black Sun (Yoder / Grelecki)
  • (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Jagger / Richards)
  • Rest At Ease (Yoder / Grelecki)
  • Gypsy Ball (Peterson / Stephens)
  • Come And Get It (Peterson / Stephens / Wagner)
  • Fruit And Icebergs (Holden)
  • West Coast Child Of Sunshine (Stephens)
  • It Takes A Lot To Laugh It Takes A Train To Cry (Dylan)
  • Second Time Around (Peterson)
  • Good Times Are So Hard To Find (Housman / Mayell)
  • Parchment Farm (Allison)
  • I Want My Baby Back (Stephens)

Musicians include all or most of;

  • Leigh Stephens - guitar, vocals
  • Dickie Peterson - bass, vocals
  • Paul Whaley - drums
  • Randy Holden - guitar, vocals
  • Ralph Burns Kellogg - piano, organ
  • Bruce Stephens - guitar, percussion
  • Norman Mayell - drums
  • Jack May - guitar
  • Doug Kilmer - bass
  • William Truckaway - synthesizer
  • Martin Fierro - saxophone
  • Frank Morin - saxophone
  • Mel Martin - saxophone
  • Bill Atwood - trumpet
  • Pat O'Hara - trombone
  • Gary Yoder - guitar, vocals
  • Richard Peddicord - guitar, vocals
  • Kent Housman - dobro, guitar, background vocals
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