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Deal It Out / Precious Gems

Tom Fogerty

Initial release : 1999


A 2-on-1 CD release of the fifth and sixth solo Tom Fogerty albums.

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  • Champane Love (Clifford, Fogerty)
  • Why Me (Fogerty)
  • Real Real Gone (Morrison)
  • Tricia Suzanne (Fogerty)
  • Mystery Train (Parker, Phillips)
  • Deal It Out (Olson)
  • Open the Wiindows (Park)
  • You Move Me (Morrison)
  • The Secret (Fogerty)
  • Summer Night (Park)
  • Running Back to Me (Fogerty, Oda)
  • Life Is But a Dream (Fogerty)
  • Mistreater (Oda)
  • Run With Your Love (Oda)
  • Bart [instrumental] (Oda)
  • Take Me Back to London (Fogerty, Oda)
  • Can You Really Say (Davis)
  • Singin' the Blues (McCreary)
  • Dance All Night (Davis)
  • Judy Lee (Fogerty)
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The tracks on this CD, with the exception of Judy Lee, were originally released on two separate LPs;