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Electric Flag: An American Music Band / A Long Time Comin'

Electric Flag

Initial release : 2007


Two-on-one CD release of the two Electric Flag studio albums.


  • Soul Searchin' (Miles)
  • Sunny (Hebb)
  • With Time There Is Change (Brooks)
  • Nothing to Do (Brooks/Gravenites)
  • See To Your Neighbor (Gravenites)
  • Qualified (Rebennack)
  • Hey Little Girl (Gravenites)
  • Mystery (Miles)
  • My Woman Hangs Around the House (Brooks)
  • Killing Floor (Howlin' Wolf)
  • Groovin' Is Easy (Gravenites)
  • Over-Lovin' You (Bloomfield/Goldberg)
  • She Should Have Just (Polte)
  • Wine (Traditional)
  • Texas (Bloomfield/Miles)
  • Sittin' in Circles (Goldberg)
  • You Don't Realize (Bloomfield)
  • Another Country (Polte)
  • Easy Rider (Bloomfield)
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