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Exile: European & Canadian Recordings 1980-1984

Eric Andersen

Initial release : 2000

Eric Andersen Productions

A compilation of tracks from the three albums; Midnight Son, Tight In The Night and the Istanbul Soundtrack.


  • Midnight Son
  • Who's Gonna Keep My Love
  • Don't Cry Now
  • Come Runnin' Like A Friend
  • Walked Out The Door
  • It Must Be Love
  • Messiah
  • Picture In My Heart
  • Walking In My Sleep
  • Tight In The Night
  • Girls Of Denmark
  • Count On You
  • What Will You Do With My Heart
  • Where Goes My Love
  • Is It Love
  • Tell Me What You Want
  • Higher Ground
  • Movin' With The Wind
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It Must Be Love, Midnight Son, Walked Out the Door, Picture of my Heart, Who's Gonna Keep my Love, Come Runnin' Like a Friend, Don't Cry Now and Messiah were originally released on;

Walkin in My Sleep, Girls of Denmark, What Will You Do With My Heart, Count on You and Tight in the Night were originally released on; Where Goes My Love, Is It Love, Tell Me What You Want, Higher Ground and Movin' With The Wind were originally released on;
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