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Farewell Song

Janis Joplin

Initial release : 1982

Columbia 85354

A compilation of live and studio tracks from Joplins' solo and Big Brother And The Holding Company career. Includes a number of previously unreleased takes. Includes one live track from The Matrix in 1967 and one live track from Winterland in 1968.


  • Tell Mama (Carter/Daniel/Terrell)
  • Magic of Love (Spoelstra)
  • Misery'n (Albin/Andrew/Getz/Gurley/Joplin)
  • One Night Stand (Flast/Gordon)
  • Harry (Albin/Andrew/Getz/Gurley/Joplin)
  • Raise Your Hand (Cropper/Floyd/Isbell)
  • Farwell Song (Andrew)
  • Medley: Amazing Grace/Hi Heel Sneakers
  • Catch Me Daddy (Albin/Andrew/Getz/Gurley/Joplin)

Musicians on this compilation include;

  • Janis Joplin - vocals
  • Peter Albin - bass
  • Sam Andrew - guitar
  • David Getz - drums
  • James Gurley - guitar
  • John Till - guitar
  • Richard Bell - piano
  • Ken Pearson - organ
  • Brad Campbell - bass
  • Clark Pierson - drums
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