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Feel...The Vejtables

The Vejtables

Initial release : 1995

Sundazed 11031

Compilation of singles tracks and previously unreleased material recorded during 1965 and 1966.

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  • Anything (Bailey)
  • I Still Love You (Errico)
  • Mansion of Tears (Cooper)
  • The Last Thing on My Mind (Paxton)
  • Smile Smile Smile (Errico)
  • Cold Dreary Morning (Errico)
  • I Still Love You (Errico)
  • Feel the Music (Bailey/Fortunato)
  • Shadows (Bailey/Fortunato)
  • Better Rearrange (Bailey/Fortunato)
  • Good Times (Bailey/Fortunato)
  • Time and Place (Bailey/Fortunato)
  • Suddenly I'm Desperately in Love (Oeller)
  • I Stole the Goodyear Blimp (Smith)
  • Hide Yourself (Bailey/Fortunato)
  • Good Things Are Happening (Bailey/Fortunato)
  • Hide Yourself (Bailey/Fortunato)

The tracks on this compilation are taken from all phases of the Vejtables short but varied career. The musicians involved probably include the following;

  • Bob Bailey - tambourine, vocals
  • Bob Cole - guitar
  • Ron - bass
  • Jan Errico - drums
  • Ned Hollis - guitar, organ
  • Reese Sheets - guitar
  • Frank Smith - bass
  • Jim Sawyers - guitar
  • Kristy- drums
  • Richard Fortunato - guitar, vocals
  • Roland Oeler - bass
  • Saul Lewis - organ, vocals
  • Arthur Penthollow - drums

  • Original producer - Sylvester "Sly Stone" Stewart
  • Original engineer - Leo de GarKulka, John Haeny
  • Originally recorded at Golden State Recorders and Coast Recorders

  • Compilation producer - Jud Cost, Bob Irwin
  • Mastering, Mixing - Bob Irwin
  • Photography courtesy of - Jan Errico, Jim Sawyers and the Sundazed Archive
  • Special thanks to Jan Errico, Jim Sawyers, Leo de GarKulka, Bill Inglot
  • Package design - Janet Atkins/99th Floor
  • Project assistance - Jeff Smith, Bex Brownell, Kip Smith
  • Liner Notes - Jud Cost
Related releases

The tracks on this collection are from the following sources.

Anything and I Still Love You on the single;

  • I Still Love You / Anything, The Vejtables, 1965, Autumn 15
Mansion of Tears and The Last Thing on My Mind on the single;
  • The Last Thing On My Mind / Mansions Of Tears, The Vejtables, 1965, Autumn 23
Smile Smile Smile previously unreleased track by Jan Ashton.

Cold Dreary Morning by Jan Ashton originally unreleased, subsequently released on;

I Still Love You previously unreleased track by The Vejtables.

Feel the Music and Shadows on the single;

  • Feel The Music / Shadows, The Vejtables, 1966, Uptown 741
Better Rearrange, Good Times, Time and Place, Hide Yourself and Good Things Are Happening originally unreleased, subsequently released only in the UK on; Suddenly I'm Desperately in Love and I Stole the Goodyear Blimp on the single;
  • I Stole the Goodyear Blimp / Suddenly I'm Desperately in Love, The Book of Changes, 1967, Tower 337
Hide Yourself (second version) is a previously unreleased instrumental take.