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Fine And Dandy: The Complete Recordings

Everpresent Fullness

Initial release : 2004

Rev-Ola 39

Nearly the complete recordings of the group. All tracks but one from their only LP plus a number of duo recordings and demos.

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  • Fine and Dandy (James/Swift)
  • Wild About Lovin' (Sebastian)
  • Leavin' California (Fariņa)
  • You're So Fine (Finnie/Schofield)
  • Rider (Traditional)
  • The Way She Is (Zevon)
  • My Girl Back Home (Johnson)
  • Darlin' You Can Count on Me (Hand/Johnson)
  • Yeah! (Everpresent Fullness)
  • Somewhere I Don't Know Where I'm
  • Lonesome Tears
  • The Rovin' Kind
  • La Do da Da
  • Susie Q
  • It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
  • Doin' a Number

Group members include;

  • Tom Carvey - guitar, vocals
  • Paul Johnson - guitar
  • Steve Pugh - bass
  • Jack Ryan - autoharp, harmonica, vocals
  • Terry Hand - drums
Tracks 10 to 14 include only Carvey and Ryan.

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Tracks 1 to 9 were probably originally released on;

The other tracks are probably previously unreleased.