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Greatest Hits 1974-1978

Steve Miller Band

Initial release : 1978

Capitol (11822?)

A compilation of tracks from the three LPs released, despite the title, between 1973 and 1977.

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  • Swingtown (McCarty/Miller)
  • Jungle Love (Douglass/Turner)
  • Take the Money and Run (Miller)
  • Rock 'N Me (Miller)
  • Serenade (McCarty/Miller)
  • True Fine Love (Miller)
  • The Stake (Denny)
  • The Joker (Curtis/Ertegun/Miller)
  • Fly Like an Eagle (Miller)
  • Threshold (Allred/Miller)
  • Jet Airliner (Pena)
  • Dance, Dance, Dance (Cooper/Cooper/Miller)
  • Winter Time (Miller)
  • Wild Mountain Honey (McCarty)
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The Joker was originally released on;

Fly Like an Eagle, Wild Mountain Honey, Serenade, Dance, Dance, Dance, Take the Money and Run and Rock 'N Me were originally released on; Threshold, Jet Airliner, Winter Time, Swingtown, True Fine Love, Jungle Love and The Stake were originally released on;