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Initial release : 1968

RCA SPS-33-525

This promotional sampler of group recordings for RCA includes songs by The Loading Zone, Family Tree and The Youngbloods.

Tracks / Musicians

The tracks and musicians on this compilation are;

  • Euphoria - The Youngbloods
  • In the Morning - Status Cymbal
  • Animals, Flowers and Children - Joyful Noise
  • I Can't Please You - Loading Zone
  • Parahighway - Autosalvage
  • Angelica - Stone Country
  • Hey Joe - Group Therapy
  • Slippin' Thru My Fingers - Family Tree
Related releases

I Can't Please You was originally released on;

Euphoria was originally released on; Slippin' Thru My Fingers was originally released on a single and an LP;
  • Slippin' Thru My Fingers / Miss Butters, Family Tree, 1968, RCA 9565
  • Miss Butters, Family Tree, 1968
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