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It's A Beautiful Day / Marrying Maiden

It's A Beautiful Day

Initial release : 1998

Sony (CBS) 489449 2

Two LP on one CD repackaging of the first two It's A Beautiful Day albums. Jerry Garcia sits in on two tracks on the second of the albums, Marrying Maiden.


  • White Bird (David LaFlamme / Linda LaFlamme)
  • A Hot Summer Day (David LaFlamme / Linda LaFlamme)
  • Wasted Union Blues (David LaFlamme / Linda LaFlamme)
  • Girl With No Eyes (David LaFlamme / Linda LaFlamme)
  • Bombay Calling (David LaFlamme / V Waller)
  • Bulgaria (David LaFlamme)
  • Time Is (David LaFlamme)
  • Don and Dewey (Don Bowman / David LaFlamme)
  • Dolphins (Fred Neil)
  • Essence of Now (Mitchell Holman)
  • Hoedown (David LaFlamme)
  • Soapstone Mountain (David LaFlamme)
  • Waiting for the Song (Hal Wagenet)
  • Let a Woman Flow (David LaFlamme / Pattie Santos)
  • It Comes Right Down to You (Fred Webb / Robert Lewis)
  • Good Lovin' (Fred Webb / Mitchell Holman / Marilyn Brodie)
  • Galileo (Hal Wagenet)
  • Do You Remember the Sun? (Fred Webb / Robert Lewis)

For the recording of It's A Beautiful Day the group comprised;

  • David LaFlamme - violin, vocals
  • Linda LaFlamme - organ, piano, electric piano, celeste, harpsichord
  • Hal Wagenet - guitar
  • Mitchell Holman - bass
  • Val Fuentes - drums
  • Pattie Santos - tambourine, bells, block, gourd, vocals

  • Bruce Steinberg - harmonica (on Hot Summer Day)
For the recording of Marrying Maiden (tracks 8 to 18) It's A Beautiful Day were;
  • Pattie Santos - percussion, vocals
  • Val Fuentes - drums, vocals
  • Fred Webb - french horn, keyboards, vocals
  • David LaFlamme - flute, violin, guitar, vocals
  • Mitchell Holman - bass, harmonica, vocals
  • Hal Wagenet - guitar, vocals
Guests on Marrying Maiden;
  • Richard Olsen - clarinet
  • Jerry Garcia - banjo (Hoedown), pedal steel (It Comes Right Down To You)

For the original recording of It's A Beautiful Day;

  • Producer - David LaFlamme
  • Engineer - Brian Ross-Myring
For the original recording of Marrying Maiden;
  • Producer - Brent Dangerfield and It's A Beautiful Day
  • Engineer - David Brown, John Fiore
  • Recorded at Pacific High Recording and Wally Heider's Studio

Note that the cover image shown above is the rear cover of the original IABD LP, which is used as the rear cover of this 2 on 1 CD.

There are two versions of this repackaged CD, with different front covers;

  • one is a composite image taken from the covers of the two LPs
  • the other is black with just text
Both covers carry a message which says that the original album cover cannot be reproduced for legal reasons but that the musical content remains unchanged.

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