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Johnny Cash Is Coming to Town/Boom Chicka Boom

Johnny Cash

Initial release : 2003


Vassar Clements plays on one of the source album included on this two on one release.


  • The Big Light (Costello)
  • The Ballad of Barbara (Cash)
  • I'd Rather Have You (Cash)
  • Let Him Roll (Clark)
  • The Night Hank Williams Came to Town (Braddock / Williams)
  • Sixteen Tons (Travis)
  • Letters from Home (Crowley / Routh)
  • W. Lee O Daniel (And the Light Crust Dough Boys) (Talley)
  • Heavy Metal (Don't Mean Rock and Roll to Me) (Clark / McBride)
  • My Ship Will Sail (Reynolds)
  • A Backstage Pass (Cash)
  • Cat's in the Cradle (Chapin / Chapin)
  • Farmer's Almanac (Cash)
  • Don't Go Near the Water (Cash)
  • Family Bible (Breeland / Buskirk / Gray)
  • Harley (Murphey / Rains)
  • I Love You, Love You (Cash)
  • Hidden Shame (Costello)
  • Monteagle Mountain (McGibony)
  • That's One You Owe Me (Elliott / Sanders)
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