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Jefferson Airplane: The Collection

Jefferson Airplane

Initial release : 1988 (UK release)

Castle Communications CCSCD 200

Garcia plays on one track, and possibly on a second, of the UK released compilation.


  • Blues From An Airplane (Balin/Spence)
  • Don't Slip Away (Balin/Spence)
  • Somebody to Love (Slick)
  • 3/5 Mile in 10 Seconds (Balin)
  • My Best Friend (Spence)
  • White Rabbit (Slick)
  • The Last Wall Of The Castle (Kaukonen)
  • Watch Her Ride (Kantner)
  • Lather (Slick)
  • Crown of Creation (Kantner)
  • Greasy Heart (Slick)
  • Plastic Fantastic Lover (Balin)
  • It's No Secret (Balin)
  • We Can Be Together (Kantner)
  • The Farm (Kantner/Blackman)
  • Volunteers (Balin/Kantner)
  • When The Earth Moves Again (Kantner)
  • Law Man (Slick)
  • Rock 'N' Roll Island (Kantner)
  • Alexander The Medium (Kantner)
  • Have You Seen The Saucers (Kantner)
  • Meadowlands (Kantner/Slick)

Jefferson Airplane members;

  • Signe Anderson - vocals
  • Marty Balin - guitar, vocals
  • Jack Casady - bass, guitar
  • Joey Covington - percussion, vocals
  • Papa John Creach - violin
  • Spencer Dryden - percussion, vocals
  • Paul Kantner - guitar, vocals
  • Jorma Kaukonen - guitar, vocals
  • Grace Slick - piano, keyboards, maraccas, recorder, vocals
  • Skip Spence - drums
Additional musicians include;
  • Ace of Cups - vocals
  • John Barbata - drums
  • David Frieberg - tambourine
  • Jerry Garcia - guitar
  • Nicky Hopkins - piano
  • Stephen Stills - organ
Garcia plays pedal steel on The Farm which is taken from the Jefferson Airplane LP Volunteers.

According to some sources Garcia possibly plays guitar on My Best Friend which is taken from Surrealistic Pillow.

Related releases

The tracks on 2400 Fulton Street were originally released on the following LPs.

Blues From An Airplane and Don't Slip Away from;

Somebody to Love, 3/5 Mile in 10 Seconds, My Best Friend and White Rabbit were originally released on; The Last Wall Of The Castle and Watch Her Ride from; Lather, Crown of Creation and Greasy Heart from; Plastic Fantastic Lover and It's No Secret from; We Can Be Together, The Farm, Meadowlands and Volunteers from; When The Earth Moves Again, Law Man and Rock 'N' Roll Island from;
  • Bark, Jefferson Airplane, 1971
Alexander The Medium from; Have You Seen The Saucers from;
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