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The Last Word

Chuck And Mary Perrin

Initial release : 2004

Rev-Ola CRREV 60

This 2 on 1 album, which brings together the two late 60's Chuck and Mary LPs, includes a cover of the Eric Andersen song Violets Of Dawn.


  • Commencement (Ince, Perrin)
  • Violets of Dawn (Andersen)
  • Mornings (Perrin)
  • You Knew All Along (Perrin)
  • Don't Know Why I Love You Like I Do
  • Song for Canada (Gzowski / Tyson)
  • Babe Can You See (Connors / Perrin)
  • Circus of Sour (Bernath / Leitch)
  • Younger Generation (Sebastian)
  • To a Better Life (Ince, Perrin)
  • The Beginning (Perrin)
  • Here Comes the Weekend Again (Perrin)
  • Run Away With Me (Perrin)
  • Sundance (Perrin)
  • Bye Bye Billy (Perrin)
  • Fugacity (Garvey / Garvey)
  • Reprise (Perrin)
  • Dedication (Perrin)
  • This Is Just to Say (Williams)
  • Dealer (Perrin)
  • Flying (Perrin)
  • This Is a Happy Song (Perrin)
  • Statement (Perrin)
  • The Beginning Again (Perrin)
  • Saturday Morning (Perrin)
  • Help Us Jesus (Hardin)

Musicians on tracks 1 to 10;

  • Chuck Perrin - guitar, vocals
  • Mary Perrin - vocals
  • Chris White - bass, guitar
Related releases

Tracks 1 to 10 were originally released on;

The majority of the remaining tracks were originally released on;
  • Next Of Kin, Chuck And Mary Perrin, 1969
Two of the tracks were originally released on;
  • The Peoria Folk Anthology, Vol. 3, Various Artists, 1970
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