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Like it? It's Yours: A Woronzow Records Sampler

Various Artists

Initial release : 2001

Woroznow Records

This sampler of tracks from Woronzow Records releases includes a track from the Country Joe and Bevis Frond CD Eat Flowers & Kiss Babies. Also includes a Bevis Frond track that was recorded at the Great American Music Hall.

Tracks / Musicians

The tracks and musicians on this sampler are;

  • Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine - Country Joe McDonald and the Bevis Frond
  • High Waving Heather - The Green Pajamas
  • Love Is - The Bevis Frond
  • Psychic Fayre - The Alchemysts
  • Symbiosis - Adrian Shaw
  • Duet for Sitar & Guitar - Mick Wills
  • I'm Convinced - The Lucky Bishops
  • Deep Space Divers pt.2 - Acid Jam II
  • Leave A Light On - The Bevis Frond
  • Interstellar 125 - Simeon and the Alchemysts
  • Space - Tom Rapp
  • Big Cheese - Petrocat
  • Spaced and Displaced - Magic Muscle
The musicians on the Country Joe track are;
  • Country Joe McDonald - guitar, harmonica, kazoo, vocals
  • Nick Saloman - guitar, vocals
  • Aaron Shaw - piano, organ, guitar
  • Adrian Shaw - bass
  • Andy Ward - drums
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Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine was originally released on;

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