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Grace Slick

Initial release : 1974

Grunt 10347

The first Grace Slick solo album. The music for the movie "Manhole" is music for a movie that does not exist. This album includes one song with lyrics by Robert Hunter.

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  • Jay (Slick)
  • Theme from the Movie Manhole (Slick)
  • Come Again? Toucan (Freiberg/Slick)
  • It's Only Music (Freiberg/Hunter)
  • Better Lying Down (Slick/Sears)
  • Epic (No. 38) (Kantner/Slick/Traylor)

The CD release of this album provided musician information for all tracks except Theme from the Movie Manhole.


  • Grace Slick - guitar, vocals
  • Peter Kaukonen - bass, guitar
Come Again? Toucan;
  • Grace Slick - vocals
  • David Freiberg - piano, percussion, bass, guitar
  • John Barbata - percussion, drums
  • Craig Chaquico - lead guitar
It's Only Music;
  • David Freiberg - piano, percussion, bass, organ, vocals
  • Paul Kantner - guitar, vocals
  • Gary Duncan - guitar
  • Jack Casady - bass
Better Lying Down;
  • Grace Slick - vocals
  • Piano by Chance
Epic (No. 38);
  • Grace Slick - vocals
  • David Freiberg - vocals
  • Paul Kantner - guitar, glass harmonica, vocals
  • Seeder Pears - bass
  • John Barbata - percussion, drums
  • Craig Chaquico - lead guitar
  • Synthesizer programming - Keith Grant
  • Iaian MacDonald, Calum Innes, Cohn Graham, Angus McTavish, Tom Duncan, Jack Scott, Angus MacKay, William Stewart - bagpipes
  • String section

  • Producer - Grace Slick, David Freiberg, Paul Kantner
  • Co-producers - Keith Grant, Steven Schuster
  • Production co-ordinator - Pat Ieraci (Maurice)
  • Recording engineers - Keth Grant, Valerie Clausen, Mallory Earl, Bob Matthews
  • Mixdown engineer (Epic #38) - Keith Grant
  • Orchestral arrangement (Epic #38) - Steven Schuster
  • Recorded at Wally Heider's, San Francisco
  • Mastered at the Lacquer Channel, Sausalito
  • Thanks to David Crosby, Pete Sears, Paul Dowell, Ellen Cullom, Daggett, Chic Casady, Michael Casady
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One single was released in conjunction with this LP;

  • Theme From Manhole / Come Again? Toucan, Grace Slick, January 1974
Come Again? Toucan was included on; Better Lying Down was included on;