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Flight Log (1966-1976)

Jefferson Airplane

Initial release : January 1977

RCA 3766 (Grunt 1255)

A compilation of Jefferson Airplane and Airplane related tracks. Jerry Garcia plays on three tracks. Mickey Hart plays on two of the same tracks.


LP 1

  • Come up the Years (Balin/Kantner)
  • White Rabbit (Slick)
  • Comin' Back to Me (Balin)
  • Won't You Try / Saturday Afternoon (Kantner)
  • Greasy Heart (Slick)
  • If You Feel (Blackman/Balin)
  • Somebody to Love (Slick)
  • Wooden Ships (Crosby/Kantner/Stills)
  • Volunteers (Balin/Kantner)
  • Hesitation Blues (Traditional)
  • Have You Seen the Stars Tonite (Kantner/Crosby)
LP 2
  • Silver Spoon (Slick)
  • Feel So Good (Kaukonen)
  • Pretty as You Feel (Casady/Covington/Kaukonen)
  • Milk Train (Creach/Slick/Spotts)
  • Keep on Truckin' (Carleton)
  • Come Again? Toucan (Slick/Freiberg)
  • Sketches of China (Kantner/Slick)
  • Genesis (Kaukonen)
  • Ride the Tiger (Kantner/Slick/Byong Yu)
  • Please Come Back

Jefferson Airplane members;

  • Signe Anderson - vocals
  • Marty Balin - guitar, vocals
  • Jack Casady - bass, guitar
  • Joey Covington - percussion, vocals
  • Papa John Creach - violin
  • Spencer Dryden - percussion, vocals
  • Paul Kantner - guitar, vocals
  • Jorma Kaukonen - guitar, vocals
  • Grace Slick - piano, keyboards, maraccas, recorder, vocals
  • Skip Spence - drums
Three of the tracks have contributions from members of the Grateful Dead.

Comin' Back To Me, taken from Surrealistic Pillow;

  • Marty Balin - vocals
  • Grace Slick - recorder
  • Jack Casady - guitar
  • Jerry Garcia - guitar
Have You Seen The Stars Tonite, taken from Blows Against The Empire;
  • Paul Kantner
  • Grace Slick
  • David Crosby - guitar
  • Jerry Garcia - pedal steel
  • Mickey Hart - drums
Sketches Of China, taken from Baron Von Tollbooth and The Chrome Nun;
  • Paul Kantner - 12 string guitar, vocals
  • Grace Slick - piano, vocals
  • John Barbata - drums
  • Chris Ethridge - bass
  • David Freiberg - keyboards, vocals
  • Mickey Hart - gongs
  • Jerry Garcia - lead guitar
  • Jack Traylor - vocals
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The tracks on this compilation are from the following sources.

Come up the Years from;

White Rabbit and Comin' Back To Me from; Won't You Try / Saturday Afternoon from; Greasy Heart and If You Feel from; Somebody to Love from; Wooden Ships and Volunteers from; Hesitation Blues from; Silver Spoon from; Feel So Good and Pretty as You Feel from;
  • Bark, Jefferson Airplane, 1971
Milk Train from; Keep on Truckin' from; Have You Seen the Stars Tonite from; Sketches of China is taken from; Come Again? Toucan from; Genesis from;
  • Quah, Jorma Kaukonen, 1974
Ride the Tiger from; Please Come Back is an unreleased live recording from 1976 by Jefferson Starship.

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