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Marin County Sunshine: 1968-1971

The Sons of Champlin

Initial release : 1988


Compilation of tracks taken from the bands albums on the Capitol label.


  • 1982-A
  • Black and Blue Rainbow
  • Hello Sunlight
  • Everywhere
  • Don't Fight It, Do It!
  • Jesus Is Coming
  • It's Time
  • Love Of A Woman
  • Terry's Tune
  • Headway
  • Follow Your Heart

  • Bill Champlin - guitar, keyboard, saxophone, vocals
  • Geoffrey Palmer - bass, keyboards, saxophone, vocals
  • Bill Bowen - drums
  • Tim Caine - saxophone
  • Terry Haggerty - guitar
  • Al Strong - bass
  • Jim Beem - trumpet
Related releases

1982-A, Everywhere, Don't Fight It, Do It!, Hello Sunlight and Black And Blue Rainbow were originally released on;

Love of a Woman and It's Time were originally released on; Headway and Follow Your Heart were originally released on; Terry's Tune was originally released on a single;
  • Terry's Tune / You Can Fly, The Sons Of Champlin, 1970
Uncertain of the source of Jesus Is Coming.

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