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Various Artists

Initial release : 1995

Diabolo 811

CD compilation that includes tracks by Great Society, Big Brother & The Holding Company, The Beau Brummels, The Count Five and H. P. Lovecraft.

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Tracks / Musicians

The tracks and musicians on this compilation are;

  • Happenings Ten Years Time Ago - Yardbirds
  • Moonshine Heather - Parliament
  • Candy Cane Madness - Lowell George and The Factory
  • A Faded Picture - The Seeds
  • Life Is Just Beginning - Creation
  • Flowers Never Cry - Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band
  • Driftin' - Tim Buckley
  • Country Boy and Bleeker Street - HP Lovecraft
  • Levity Ball - Alice Cooper
  • Spinning Wheel - Flaming Ember
  • Someone To Love - The Great Society
  • Christopher Lucifer - Nirvana
  • Don't Talk to Strangers - Beau Brummels
  • The Trip - Fire Escape
  • Revelation in Slow Motion - Count Five
  • Down on Me - Big Brother & The Holding Company
  • Charlie - Deviants
  • Aton I (a. Leyshem, b. Zendan, c. Ceyladd Beyta, d. Becal, e. Ddom, f.Toadda Bb) - Ceylib People
Related releases

The Great Society track was originally released on a single;

  • Someone To Love / Free Advice, The Great Society, 1965, North Beach 1001
The Microdelia CD booklet gives the source for the Great Society track as; Down On Me was originally released on; Uncertain if the Beau Brummels track is the original release of the song or a version from one of the vault releases.

Country Boy and Bleeker Street was originally released on;

Revelation In Slow Motion was originally released on a single;
  • Declaration Of Independence / Revelation In Slow Motion, The Count Five, 1968, Double Shot 125