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Tom Fogerty

Initial release : 1975

Fantasy 9469

The fourth Tom Fogerty solo album.

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  • Give Me Another Trojan Song (Fogerty)
  • What Did I Know (Fogerty)
  • Theme from Four-D (Fogerty)
  • Sweet Things to Come (Fogerty)
  • What About Tomorrow (Fogerty)
  • She la la La (Fogerty)
  • And I Love You (Fogerty)
  • Get Up (Fogerty)
  • There Was a Time (Fogerty)
  • Show Down (Fogerty)

Musicians probably include;

  • Tom Fogerty - guitar, vocals
  • Russell DaShiell - guitar
  • Tom Phillips - guitar
  • Stephen Miller - keyboards
  • Stu Cook - bass
  • Doug Clifford - drums, percussion
Related releases

This LP has been repackaged and issued on a 2 LP on 1 CD release together with the fourth Tom Fogerty solo LP;