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Zephyr National / Myopia

Tom Fogerty

Initial release : 1999


A 2-on-1 CD release of the the third and fourth solo Tom Fogerty albums.

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  • It's Been a Good Day (Fogerty)
  • Can You Feel It, Ras? (Fogerty)
  • Mystic Isle Avalon (Fogerty)
  • Reggie (Fogerty)
  • Money (Root the Root) (Fogerty)
  • Hot Buttered Rum (Fogerty / Gary)
  • Joyful Resurrection (Fogerty)
  • Heartbeat (Fogerty)
  • Fate (Fogerty)
  • Goin' Back to Okeefe Nokee (Fogerty)
  • Give Me Another Trojan Song (Fogerty)
  • What Did I Know (Fogerty)
  • Theme from Four-D (Fogerty)
  • Sweet Things to Come (Fogerty)
  • What About Tomorrow (Fogerty)
  • She La La La (Fogerty)
  • And I Love You (Fogerty)
  • Get Up (Fogerty)
  • There Was a Time (Fogerty)
  • Show Down (Fogerty)
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The tracks on this CD were originally released on two separate LPs;