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Old Glory: The Best of Electric Flag

Electric Flag

Initial release : 1995

Columbia/Legacy 57629

Compilation of Electric Flag tracks.


  • Killing Floor (Howlin' Wolf)
  • Groovin' Is Easy (Polte)
  • She Should Have Just (Polte)
  • Goin' Down Slow (Oden)
  • Texas (Bloomfield/Miles)
  • Sittin' in Circles (Goldberg)
  • You Don't Realize (Bloomfield)
  • Movie Music-Improvisation (Electric Flag/Simon)
  • Another Country (Polte)
  • Easy Rider (Bloomfield)
  • Soul Searchin' (Miles)
  • See to Your Neighbor (Gravenites)
  • With Time There Is Change (Brooks)
  • Nothing to Do (Brooks/Gravenites)
  • Hey Little Girl (Gravenites)
  • Drinkin' Wine (Traditional)
  • The Night Time Is the Right Time(Carr)
Related releases

Killing Floor, Groovin' Is Easy, She Should Have Just, Texas, You Don't Realize, Another Country and Easy Rider were originally released on;

Soul Searchin', With Time There Is Change, Nothing to Do and Hey Little Girl were originally released on; Drinkin' Wine and The Night Time Is the Right Time were recorded live at Monterey.

Movie Music is a previously unreleased outtake from the You Are What You Eat soundtrack.

Sittin' In Circle is a previously unreleased alternate take.

See To Your Neighbor is a previously unreleased demo version.

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