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Real Bahamas, Vols. 1-2

Various Artists

Initial release : 1998

Elektra / Nonesuch

2-on-1 release of two albums that were originally released in the mid 1960s.


  • We'll Understand It Better By and By - Pinder Family
  • Sheep Know When Thy Shepherd Calling - Frederick McQueen and Rev. W.G. McPhee
  • I Told You People Judgment Coming - Sam Green
  • Don't Take Everybody to Be Your Friend - Joseph Spence
  • Sailboat Malarkey - Fredrick McQueen
  • Up in the Heaven Shouting - Bruce Green, Tweedy Gibson and Clifton Graham
  • Won't That Be a Happy Time - Joseph Spence and Louise Spence
  • Out on the Rolling Sea - Fredrick McQueen and George McKenzie
  • I Am So Glad - Bruce Green, Tweedy Gibson and Clifton Graham
  • Come for Your Dinner - Fredrick McQueen
  • God Locked the Lion's Jaw - Stanley Thompson and Frederick McQueen
  • Great Dream from Heaven - Pinder Family
  • My Lord Help Me to Pray - Bruce Green, Tweedy Gibson and Clifton Graham
  • Numberless as the Sands on the Seashore - Stanley Swin, Ronald Swin and George McKenzie
  • I Ain't Got Long - Sam Green
  • I Bid You Goodnight - Pinder Family
  • Mary and Joseph
  • Peter, You Need the Lord - Bruce Green
  • Jesus Promised Me a Home over There - Swin Family
  • Troublesome Water - Tweedie Gibson
  • Kneeling Down Inside the Gate
  • Jesus Your Name So Sweet - Bruce Green
  • Take Me over the Tide - Joseph Spence
  • When the Leaves Turn Red - Bruce Green
  • That Glad Reunion Day - Joseph Spence
  • The Great Coronation - Swin Family
  • The Captain Go Ashore - Fredrick McQueen
  • Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold God's Body Down
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The music on this CD release was original released on two LPs;

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