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San Francisco Fifth Pipe Dream

Various Artists

Initial release : 1969

San Franciso Sound S7 11680

This compilation of tracks on the San Francisco Sound label includes music by It's A Beautiful Day, Black Swan and Tripsichord Music Box.

Tracks / Musicians

The tracks and performers (where known) on this compilation are

  • Bulgaria - It's a Beautiful Day
  • Aquarian Dream - It's a Beautiful Day
  • You're the Woman - Tripsichord Music Box
  • It's Not Good - Tripsichord Music Box
  • Two's a Pair - Indian Puddin' & Pipe
  • Beyond This Place - Indian Puddin' & Pipe
  • Hashish - Indian Puddin' & Pipe
  • Water or Wine - Indian Puddin' & Pipe
  • Family Song - Tripsichord Music Box
  • Lady Blonde - Black Swan
  • She Encircles Me - Black Swan
Related releases

The two IABD tracks were originally released as a single;

  • Bulgaria / Aquarian Dream, It's A Beautiful Day, 1968, Sound 7
Bulgaria was subsequently released on an LP; The 3 Tripsichord tracks were subsequently included on the extended version of only album release; The Black Swan tracks were released only on the album.

Fifth Pipe Dream has been bootlegged on CD and also released officially as San Francisco Sound SFS 11680

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