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Secret Of The Bloom


Initial release : 1970

San Francisco 201

The debut Victoria LP and the debut LP on the San Francisco label.


  • Tule's Blues (Zevon)
  • Out In The Country (Comanor)
  • Time Has A Funny Way (Wells / Pagel)
  • Secret Of The Bloom (Victoria)
  • New Country Song (Victoria)
  • Fawn (Frank And Annie's Wedding Night) (Victoria)
  • Helplessly Hoping (Stills)
  • A Famous Myth (Comanor)

Musicians include:

  • Victoria - vocals
  • Ed Bogas
  • David Briggs
  • Kenny Buttrey
  • Mac Gayden
  • Weldon Myrick
  • Norbert Putnam
  • Ron Wells

  • Producer - David Rubinson
  • Engineer - Fred Catero
  • Recorded in Nashvill and San Francisco
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Secret Of The Bloom and Time Has A Funny Way were included on the compilation;

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