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San Francisco Sampler, Fall 1970

Various Artists

Initial release : 1970

San Francisco Sound SD 158

A sampler of music from releases on Bill Graham's San Francisco label.

Tracks / Musicians

The tracks and performers on this compilation are;

  • Tuane - Hammer
  • Secret Of The Bloom - Victoria
  • Sparkling In The Sand - Tower Of Power
  • Shop Talk - Cold Blood
  • Wait For The Light/Hare Khrisna - David Lannan
  • Too Many People - Cold Blood
  • Patterson's Song - David Lannan
  • Social Lubrification - Tower Of Power
  • Time Has A Funny Way - Victoria
  • Charity Taylor - Hammer

  • Producer (all tracks except David Lannan) - David Rubinson
  • Producer (David Lannan tracks) - Jeffrey Cohen, Bruce Good
  • SF Sampler LP concept and production - Dan Loggins
  • Special editing and good taste - Jeffrey Cohen, Bruce Good
  • Cover collage, design, lettering - David Singer
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Different versions of Shop Talk and Too Many People were released on;

Secret Of The Bloom and Time Has A Funny Way were originally released on; Tuane and Charity Taylor were originally released on; Wait For The Light/Hare Khrisna and Patterson's Song were originally released on; Sparkling In The Sand and Social Lubrification were originally released on;
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