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The Peanut Butter Conspiracy Is Spreading/The Great Conspiracy

Peanut Butter Conspiracy

Initial release : 2000

Collectables 6096

The first and second albums collected together on one CD.

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  • It's a Happening Thing (Brackett)
  • Then Came Love (Merrill)
  • Twice Is Life (Merrill)
  • Second Hand Man (Dalton)
  • You Can't Be Found (Brackett)
  • Why Did I Get So High (Brackett)
  • Dark on You Now (Merrill)
  • The Market Place (Fent)
  • You Should Know (Merrill)
  • The Most up Till Now (Brackett)
  • You Took Too Much (Merrill)
  • Turn on a Friend (To the Good Life) (Brackett)
  • Lonely Leaf (Merrill)
  • Pleasure (Merrill)
  • Too Many Do (Brackett)
  • Living, Loving Life (Brackett)
  • Invasion of the Poppy People (Merrill)
  • Captain Sandwich (Merrill)
  • Living Dream (Brackett)
  • Ecstasy (Merrill)
  • Time Is After You (Brackett)
  • Wonderment (Merrill)
  • I'm a Fool (Brackett)
  • It's So Hard (Brackett)
  • Peter Pan (Brackett)

  • Lance Fent - lead guitar
  • John Merrill - rhythm guitar
  • Al Brackett - bass
  • Jim Voight - drums
  • Sandi Robinson - percussion, vocals
  • Bill Wolf - guitar

  • Original producer - Gary Usher
  • Original liner notes included in booklet - Billy James, Lawrence Dietz
  • Compilation notes - Mark Marymont
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