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Then And Now, Vol. 2

Various Artists

Initial release : 199?


This compilation of music from the San Francisco Sound label includes tracks by It's A Beautiful Day, Jefferson Airplane, Moby Grape and Tripsichord.

Tracks / Musicians

The tracks and performers on this compilation are

  • Runnin' Round This World - Jefferson Airplane
  • Embryonic Journey - Jefferson Airplane
  • Always Tomorrow - Marty Balin
  • Hey Grandma - Moby Grape
  • Silver Wheels - Moby Grape
  • Lonesome Highway - Moby Grape
  • Aquarian Dream - It's A Beautiful Day
  • Wasted Union Blues - It's A Beautiful Day
  • Shadowlarks - Indian Puddin And Pipe
  • Bikini Baby - Fraternity Of Man
  • Luna Cariba - Tim Hardin
  • Secret - Tim Hardin
  • Family Song - Tripsichord
  • On The Last Ride - Tripsichord
  • Ancient Voices - Freelight
  • Summer Of Love - Marty Balin
Related releases

The Jefferson Airplane tracks are previously unreleased live recordings from The Matrix in 1965.

The IABD tracks are probably unreleased recordings from the early part of their career. Though they may be tracks that5 had been released as singles

The Marty Balin tracks are live recordings from 1990.

Uncertain of source of Moby Grape tracks.

On The Last Ride was on the original Tripsichord LP;

Family Song was previously released on the compilation;
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