Alligator Moon
Composer: Robert Hunter / Kevin Morgenstern / Richard McNees

Alligator Moon is a suite of 5 or 6 songs that was recorded by Robert Hunter, with the band Comfort, in 1976 for an album that was not released.

In A Box of Rain: Lyrics 1965-1993 lyrics are given for five songs:

A sixth song, Cigarette, was to be released on the Alligator Moon album. The title of this song suggests that it may be part of the suite.

The songs were performed by Robert Hunter with Comfort. Hunter's notes preceding the lyrics in A Box of Rain: Lyrics 1965-1993 are as follows;

The Alligator Moon suite was recorded but never released by the band Comfort in 1976. A ballet was choreographed for it and we performed the whole show three times, most notably at the Hooker's Ball - the last occasion of that peculiarly San Francisco annual celebration.

Unreleased recordings

info Alligator Moon, Robert Hunter, 1978