Composer: Mick Jones / Joe Strummer

Bankrobber was performed by the New Riders Of The Purple Sage in 2009.

Bankrobber was first released on a Clash single. It was then released on a compilation in a version that combined the single with a dub version of the song, Robber Dup.

The Clash

no info Single (Bankrobber / Rockers Galore), 1980
no info Single (Train In Vain / Bankrobber / Rockers Galore), 1980
no info Black Market Clash, 1988
no info The Story Of, 1988
no info The Singles, 1991
no info Clash On Broadway, 1991
no info The Essential Clash, 2003
no info Wild Dub: Dread Meets Punk Rocker, Various Artists, 2003
no info The Essential Plus, 2005
no info The Singles (Box), 2006

Other recordings

info Live At Sweetwater, Hot Tuna, 1992
info Relix Bay Rock Shop #4, Hot Tuna/Jorma Kaukonen, 1992
info Relix Bay Rock Shop, #6: Hot Tuna Special, Hot Tuna, 1994
no info Xenophobia, Det-Ri-Mental, 1995
no info Wild Saturday Night on Earth, The Ricardos, 2001
no info Too Sweet to Die, Frantic Flintstones, 2001
no info This Is Rockabilly Clash, Various Artists (Pistoleers), 2003
no info Maintenance, Greg MacPherson, 2004
no info Singsong and a Scrap, Chumbawamba, 2006
no info 20th Anniversary Album, Frantic Flintstones, 2006
info Jewish Pirate, Steve Lieberman The Gangsta Rabbi, 2006
no info Lost Vagueness, Various Artists (Chumbawamba), 2007
no info UN / Singsong and a Scrap, Chumbawamba, 2008
no info The Clashification of Dub, Dub Spencer & Trance Hill, 2011

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