Betty And Dupree
Composer: Traditional

Betty And Dupree was performed by the Grateful Dead in 1966. A tape exists of Pigpen and Jorma Kaukonen performing the song in 1964. Phil Lesh & Friends played Betty And Dupree in January 2015.

A version of one of a group of closely related songs that are variously known as Betty and Dupree, Dupree Blues, Diamond Ring Blues and similar names. The song has also been used as a starting point for other songs; for example Robert Johnson's From Four Until Late uses the melody of Betty and Dupree.

The song is thought to be based on a real event, the robbery of a jewellery store in Atlanta in 1921 during which a policeman was killed. The robber was caught and executed in September 1922.

The Hunter/Garcia song Duprees Diamond Blues is a reworking of this theme.

Grateful Dead

info Rare Cuts and Oddities 1966, 2005


The lyrics used in Jorma and Pigpen version;

Oh, Betty told Dupree,
"I want a diamond ring"
Now Betty told Dupree,
"I want a diamond ring"
Dupree told Betty,
"Lord, I'll get you most anything"

Now he got himself a pistol,
it was a 44
Got himself a pistol,
it was a 44
Now to get that that diamond ring, oh,
He had to rob that jewellery store

Now police caught him,
carried him back to that county jail
Oh yea the police caught him,
carried him back to that county jail
And they said go call your sweetheart,
tell her to come and go your bail

Now Betty came to see him,
his face she could not see
Oh Betty came to see him
but his face she could not see
And she said, "Mr jailer
give him this note for me"

Oh, babe I came to see you
but I could not see your face
Now, babe I came to see you
but I could not see your face
Oh no I love you baby
just can't take your place

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This list is not intended to be comprehensive. A more thorough listing, including recordings of songs with title variations, will be added when time allows.

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