Fair Ellender

Composer: Traditional

Jerry Garcia

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A song which occurs in a number of forms and with a number of titles but which is primarily derived from the ballad Lord Thomas And Fair Elinor. Earliest known recording of the song is as Lord Thomas And Fair Annet which was printed on a broadsheet in England sometime between 1663 and 1685. It was included in Pepys collection in 1700 and in Percy's Reliques of circa 1765.

Child documented ten British texts circa 1890 (Child ballad 73). Since then it has been recorded in many folk song / ballad collections in both the UK and the United States. It is included for example in; Sandy's Christmas Carols and Traditional Songs, Ritson's Scottish Songs, Sharp's English Folk Songs and Randolph's Folksongs Of The Ozarks.

Commonly occurs as The Brown Girl and with titles that are variants on the Lord Thomas and Fair Elinor names. | The Fair Ellender name is less common, though it does occur as Lord Thomas And Fair Ellender.