Games People Play

Composer: Joe South

Grateful Dead

No Grateful Dead recordings.


This list is not intended to be comprehensive

no info Single, Joe South, 1968
no info Games People Play, Joe South, 1968
no info Introspective, Joe South, 1968
no info Johnny Taylor Philosophy Continued, Johnny Taylor, 1969
no info Games People Play/These Are Not My People, Freddie Weller, 1969
info Instant Groove, King Curtis, 1969
info In Person, Wanda Jackson, 1969
no info The Happy and Mellow Sax, Ace Cannon, 1969
info The Everly Brothers Show, Everly Brothers, 1970
info Hits, Hits The Don Gibson Way, Don Gibson, 1970
no info Hawaii Five-O, Ventures, 1970
info Streetman, Barry Goldberg, 1970
no info The Ventures Superpak, The Ventures, 1971
info The Killer Rocks On, Jerry Lee Lewis, 1971
no info Anthology, Duane Allman, 1972
no info Best Of, Joe South, 1990
info Capitol Records 50th Anniversary, Various Artists (Joe South), 1992
no info Yes We Can and Then Some, Lee Dorsey, 1993
info Streetman / Blast From My Past, Barry Goldberg, 1994
info Tears Will Be the Chaser for Your Wine, Wanda Jackson, 1997
info Chartbusters USA, Vol. 1, Various Artists (Joe South), 1999
info The Killer Rocks On / Boogie Woogie Country Man, Jerry Lee Lewis, 2004
info Radio Vietnam: Music of a Generation, Various Artists (Joe South), 2005
info Chained to a Memory 1966-1972, The Everly Brothers, 2006
info Flower Power : Let's Work Together, Various Artists (Joe South), 2007
info Flower Power Box Set (18 CDs), Various Artists (Joe South), 2007
info 100 Essential Tracks: 60s, Various Artists (Joe SOuth), 2010
info Skydog: The Duane Allman Retrospective, Duane Allman / Various Artists, 2013


DeadBase includes this song in the set list for 6/11/69 California Hall, San Francisco. The list was provided by a Bay Area deadhead who attended the show and kept a list. It is thought that no tapes of the show exist. Therefore it is likely that there is no recorded example of the Dead playing this song.