Homeward Through The Haze
Composer: David Crosby

Homeward Through The Haze was rehearsed by David Crosby with Jerry Garcia and other members of the Grateful Dead in 1975. No tracks from these rehearsals have been released - they do not appear on Wind On The Water.


info Wind on the Water, Crosby & Nash, 1975
info Crosby, Stills and Nash Box Set, Crosby, Stills and Nash, 1991
info The Best of Crosby & Nash: The ABC Years, Crosby & Nash, 2002
info Voyage, David Crosby, 2006

Note that are a number of other Crosby & Nash releases, with titles like Bittersweet and Carry On, which include Homeward Through The Haze. These are unauthorized copies of Wind On The Water.

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