I'm A King Bee
Composer: Slim Harpo

I'm A King Bee was first performed by the Grateful Dead the early months of 1966. It was played over 30 times in the 1969 to 1971 period but was then dropped from the repertoire. It was performed again once in December 1993 and once in March 1994.

On recordings the song is credited to either Slim Harpo or to James Moore, which was his given name.

Slim Harpo

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Grateful Dead

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The Dead

info Mansfield, MA, June 22, 2003
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info Feb 27, 2010, Atlantic City, NJ
info March 6, 2011, Boston, MA


info Columbus OH, July 17, 2007
info Hampton Beach NH, October 27, 2007

Phil & Friends

info October 29, 2016, Port Chester, NY, 2016

Other recordings

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