Jump For Joy

Composer: John Carter / Tim Gilbert


info Kingfish, Kingfish, 1976
info For Dead Heads, Various Artists (Kingfish), 1976
info Live 'N' Kickin, Kingfish, 1977
no info Single (Good-Bye Yer Honor / Jump For Joy / I Hear You Knockin'), Kingfish, 1977
info Kingfish In Concert: King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents Kingfish, Kingfish, 1996
info A Night In New York, Kingfish, 1996
info Sundown On The Forest, Kingfish, 1999
info From the Front Row: Live, Kingfish, 2003 (DVD Audio)
info Greatest Hits Live, Kingfish, 2003


Jump For Joy developed from an earlier song by Carter and Gilbert called Run Rabbit Run which was released on;

info Horses, Horses, 1969