Late Last Night When Willie Came Home

Composer: Traditional


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Played by Jerry Garcia, Marshall Leicester and Robert Hunter at the Carlos Bookstall in San Carlos in July 1961. On the tape this song is usually listed as No One To Stand By Me but the correct title of the song is Late Last Night.

Some variations of title occur on other recordings; Late Last Night (When Willie Came Home), Late Last Night When My Willie Came Home, Late Last Night, Way Down Town and Way Downtown. Not to be confused though with another song with the title Late Last Night.

The lyrics used by Garcia/Leicester/Hunter are as follows;

Late last night when Willie come home
I heard a mighty rapping on the door
Slipping and sliding with new shoes on
It's Willie don't you rap no more

And it's oh me, it's oh my
What's going to become of me
[It's] down town, just fooling around
No one to stand by me

I [love] you dear girl till the sea runs dry
[Rock salt is all by the sea]
I love you dear girl till the day I die
[inaudible line]


Last time I saw my mama [?]
She was a-doing swell
Cease your rowdy ways my son
Save your soul from hell


If I had listened to what mama had said
I'd have been at home today
I didn't listen to what mama said
I throwed my young life away


Oct 2003