Love Scene

Composer: Jerry Garcia

Jerry Garcia

info Zabriskie Point Soundtrack, Various Artists, 1970
info Rock Goes To The Movies, Various Artists, 1990
info Legends Of Guitar - Rock: The '60s, Vol. 2, Various Artists, 1991
info Rock Goes To The Movies: In Dreams, Various Artists, 1992
info Zabriskie Point Soundtrack (Expanded CD release), Various Artists, 1997

Other recordings

info Soundtrack, Lonesome Strings, 2016
info Songs To Fill The Air, Various Artists, 2016


The original Zabriskie Point Soundtrack release included one version of a solo guitar improvisation by Garcia entitled Love Scene.

The expanded CD release comprised the original release on one CD plus a second CD which included 4 additional solo guitar improvisations by Garcia which were called; Love Scene Improvisation Version 1, Love Scene Improvisation Version 2, Love Scene Improvisation Version 3 and Love Scene Improvisation Version 4.