Mule Skinner Blues

Composer: Jimmie Rodgers / George Vaughn

Jerry Garcia

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Occurs on Jimmie Rodgers LPs and on many other releases as Mule Skinner Blues. Also occurs as Muleskinner Blues.

Original version recorded by Jimmie Rodgers on 11th July 1930.

Mule Skinner Blues played a prominent role in the career of Bill Monroe. It was his first post-Monroe Brothers recording on October 7th 1938 and the first song he performed at the Grand Old Opry in 1939. In 1950 he recorded a new version titled New Muleskinner Blues (featuring Vassar Clements who would later play with Garcia in Old and In The Way). He recorded two more versions after this but reverted to the original name. Monroe said of his version of the song;

We don't do it the way Jimmie Rodgers sung it. It's speeded up, and we moved it up to fit the fiddle and we have that straight time with it, driving time