Oh, The Wind And Rain
Composer: Traditional

Oh The Wind And Rain was performed by the Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band and by the Jerry Garcia/John Kahn duo in the late 1980's. Bob Weir played on the song on one occasion with Garcia and Kahn in March 1989. It was also played by Jerry Garcia and David Grisman in the early 1990's. In total it was performed around a dozen times by Garcia groups. The song was also played by Phil Lesh & Friends.

The version appearing on the JGAB CD Almost Acoustic has the title Oh, The Wind and Rain, on the Garcia Grisman CD Shady Grove the title is Dreadful Wind And Rain. Other recordings that use the "Wind And Rain" title are often just called The Wind And Rain.

The Wind And Rain is one strand of a family of songs more commonly known as The Two Sisters or in early Scottish versions as The Twa Sisters. Other titles that occur are: Binnorie; The Bonnie Milldams of Binnorie; Minorie; The Cruel Sister; The Swan Swims So Bonnie O; Rollin' A-Rollin'; Old Man In The North Country; The Miller's Daughter; There Was An Old Miller; There Was An Old Lord; The Bows Of London; Sister Dear Sister and others. There is substantial variation in the lyrics and melody of these various songs in collected and recorded versions. The main theme is often, but not always, that of one sister drowning another.

The earliest documented version appears to be that published on a broadside in 1656 as The Miller and the King's Daughter. The ballad also appears in Scandinavia and it is possible that it originated in Norway in the 16th or 17th century. The Two Sisters is ballad no. 10 in Child's English and Scottish Popular Ballads which collects together 21 versions of the lyrics.

Martin Carthy commented on his version, The Bows Of London, in the liner notes of Life and Limb;

Ever since I heard Jody Stecher sing a luminous song called The Wind and the Rain - a version of The Two Sisters - I have wanted to sing it. Its overwhelming feature is its concentration on that aspect of the story dealing with the building from the murder victim's remains of a fiddle which then takes on a life of its own and ultimately unmasks the murderer.

Jerry Garcia recordings

info Almost Acoustic, Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band, 1988
info Shady Grove, Jerry Garcia and David Grisman, 1996
info Shady Grove: Deluxe Edition, Garcia/Grisman, 2020

Transcriptions of the guitar and mandolin solos for the Garcia/Grisman recording of the song are included in two songbooks:

info Shady Grove Acoustic Guitar Solos, Jerry Garcia, 2002
info Shady Grove Mandolin Solos, David Grisman, 2002

Other recordings

As Wind and Rain, Oh, The Wind and Rain, Dreadful Wind and Rain or similar

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As The Wicked Sister

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As Old Man in the Old Country

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As Peter And I

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