Resurrection Rag
Composer: Robert Hunter / Merl Saunders

Resurrection Rag was written for the soundtrack of a film based on the George R.R. Martin novel Armageddon Rag. The book features a band called The Nazgūl. The film producer Phil DeGuere, who knew the Grateful Dead, put together his own version of The Nazgūl to play music for the soundtrack. Robert Hunter was part of the group and wrote songs for the soundtrack. This real life The Nazgūl recorded some of this music which circulates widely but has never been officially released. The Nazgūl were Robert Hunter, John Cipollina, Merl Saunders, Tony Saunders and Gaylord Birch. The film was not completed.

Resurrection Rag was subsequently recorded by Dinosaurs, featuring some of the same musicians. It is one of two songs on the Dinosaurs LP with lyrics by Robert Hunter.


info Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs, 1988
info It's In The Air, Merl Saunders, 1993
info Friends Of Extinction, Dinosaurs, 2005

  album cover

album cover