Soul Roach
Composer: Merl Saunders / Ray Shanklin

Soul Roach was performed around 15 times by the Jerry Garcia/Merl Saunders band and Legion of Mary in 1974/1975 and a further 6 or 7 times by Reconstruction in 1979.

In the liner notes of the Soul Grooving LP Merl Saunders says that Soul Roach "was written for a swinging family in Denver."

Jerry Garcia & Merl Saunders

info Fire Up, Merl Saunders, 1973
info Fire Up Plus, Merl Saunders, 1992
info Pure Jerry: Keystone Berkeley, September 1, 1974, Jerry Garcia & Merl Saunders Band, 2004

Other Merl Saunders recordings

info Soul Grooving, Merl Saunders Trio and Big Band, 1968
info Cool, Various Artists, 1988

Other recordings

info Jazz a La Soul, M.R.L.S., 2004
info Electric Mix: Tasty Live & Studio Tune Treats, Phil McGee, 2011

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album cover

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