We Can Run
Composer: Brent Mydland / John Perry Barlow

We Can Run was performed about 20 times by the Grateful Dead in 1989 and 1990. The song was included on the CD and cassette versions of the Grateful Dead album Built To Last but was omitted from the LP release.

We Can Run was played by Phil Lesh & Friends in 2017.

Grateful Dead

info Built To Last, Grateful Dead, 1989
no info Single (Foolish Heart / We Can Run), Grateful Dead, 1989, Arista 9899
info View From The Vault III, Grateful Dead, 2002
info View From The Vault III (DVD), Grateful Dead, 2002
info Beyond Description, Grateful Dead, 2004
info Grateful Dead Download Vol 9, 4/2 & 3/89, Grateful Dead, 2006
info Formerly The Warlocks, 2010
info Spring 1990 (box set), 2012
info Spring 1990 (The Other One), 2014
info Wake Up To Find Out: Nassau Coliseum, 3/29/90, 2014
info Single Coll. Vol. 21: Foolish Heart / We Can Run, 2021

Other recordings

info Dare To Dream, Toni Brown, 2000

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