When Push Comes To Shove
Composer: Jerry Garcia / Robert Hunter

When Push Comes To Shove was performed just over 50 times by the Grateful Dead between 1986 and 1989.

Grateful Dead

info In The Dark, Grateful Dead, 1987
info Throwing Stones / When Push Comes To Shove, 1988
info Ticket to New Year's, 1996
info View From The Vault IV, 2003
info View From The Vault IV (DVD), 2003
info Beyond Description, 2004
info In The Dark, 2006 (bonus on exp. CD)
info Road Trips: Vol 4, Number 2: April Fool's '88, 2011


info July 18, 2012, Rochester Hills, MI
info October 7, 2012, Santa Barbara, CA

Other recordings

info 20 Of Solitude, Grass Is Dead, 2004
info Songs Of Their Own, Various Artists, 2015

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