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Kaleidoscope Discography

Kaleidoscope were formed sometime in 1965 or 1966, initially as the Baghdad Blues Brothers, in Los Angeles. The members of the group were from a diverse range of musical backgrounds and this was reflected in the music and the instruments that the group played. Two of the original members of the group left after the release of the first two LPs. The third album maintained the hit and miss, adventurous eclecticism of the first two but the fourth was a disappointment possibly due to intervention from their record company, and the group disbanded shortly after it's release in 1970. Two reunions have taken place involving at least three of the originally line-up; both led to the release of album, one in 1976 and one in 1991.

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Kaleidoscope - Albums

info Side Trips, Kaleidoscope, 1967
info A Beacon From Mars, Kaleidoscope, 1968
info The Incredible Kaleidoscope, Kaleidoscope, 1969
info Bernice, Kaleidoscope, 1970
info When Scopes Collide, Kaleidoscope, 1977
info Greetings From Kartoonistan, Kaleidoscope, 1990

Kaleidoscope - Compilations

info Bacon From Mars, Kaleidoscope, 1983
info Rampe Rampe, Kaleidoscope, 1984
info Egyptian Candy (A Collection), Kaleidoscope, 1991
info Blues From Baghdad, Kaleidoscope, 1993
info Infinite Colours, Infinite Patterns: The Best of Kaleidoscope, Kaleidoscope, 2001
info Beacon From Mars & Other Psychedelic Side Trips, Kaleidoscope, 2004
info Pulsating Dream, Kaleidoscope, 2004

Kaleidoscope - Singles

no info Please / Elevator Man, Kaleidoscope, 1967, Epic 10117
no info Why Try? / Little Orphan Nannie, Kaleidoscope, 1967, Epic 10219
no info I Found Out / Rampe Rampe, Kaleidoscope, 1968, Epic 10239
no info Nobody (with Johnny Guitar Watson and Larry Williams) / Find Yourself Someone To Love, Kaleidoscope, 1967, Okeh 730
no info Hello Trouble / Just A Taste, Kaleidoscope, 1968, Epic 10332
no info Let The Good Love Flow / Lie To Me, Kaleidoscope, 1969, Epic 10481
no info Killing Floor / Lie To Me, Kaleidoscope, 1969, Epic 10500

Various artist compilations that include tracks by Kaleidoscope

info Rockbusters - The Blockbusting Label Presents, Various Artists, 1968
info Zabriskie Point Soundtrack, 1970
info Somethin' Else Again! : 26 Heavy Sounds from Columbia, Various Artists, 197?
info Psychedelic Dream: A Collection of '60s Euphoria, Various Artists, 1982
info Mindrocker, Vol. 7, Various Artists, 1983
info California Acid Folk, Various Artists, 1985
info Rock Goes To The Movies - Vol. 1, 1990
info Psychedelic Years Revisited, Various Artists, 1994
info Zabriskie Point Soundtrack (Extended double CD version), 1997
info The Misanthropic Dufflecoat EP, Various Artists, 199?
info Psychedelic Frequencies, Various Artists, 199?
info Gimme Shelter: Kaleidoscopic Funk Collection, Various Artists, 2001
info Creative Outlaws: US Underground 1962-1970, Various Artists, 2005
info Where the Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968, Various Artists, 2009

Last updated October 2004