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American History through Music Series (Greenwood Press)

This series examines the different styles of music that have played a significant part in American history. While volumes in this series show the roles of music in culture, they also use music as a lens through which readers may study American social history.

info Music of the Colonial and Revolutionary Era, John Ogasapian, 2004
info Music of the Civil War Era, Steven H. Cornelius, 2004
info Music of the Great Depression, William H. Young, Nancy K. Young, 2005
info Music of the Counterculture Era, James E. Perone, 2004
info Woodstock: An Encyclopedia of the Music and Art Fair, James E. Perone, 2005
info Music of the Gilded Age, John Ogasapian, N. Lee Orr, 2007

Last updated March 2007