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The Answer Discography

The Answer were a Berkeley band who appear to have existed in 1965 and for part of 1966. The main line-up of the group was Todd Anderson (vocals), Michael Friedman (Bass), Chip Wright (guitar), Mike Simpson (guitar) and Bob Shumaker (drums). The Answer released only one single and backed up Denise Kaufman on another single. The group split in 1966. Anderson and Friedman went on to form The Drongos.

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The Answer US singles

no info I'll Be In / Why You Smile, The Answer, 1965, White Whale 225

Various artists compilations that include The Answer tracks

info Highs In The Mid Sixties Vol. 1: LA '65 Teenage Rebellion, Various Artists, 1983
info Sixties Rebellion, Vol. 3: The Auditorium, Various Artists, 1993
info Teenage Shutdown, Vol. 9: Teen Jangler Blowout!, Various Artists, 1998
info The White Whale Story, Vol. 2: Out of Nowhere, Various Artists, 2004
info Garage Beat '66 Vol. 3: Feeling Zero..., Various Artists, 2004

The Answer as backing group on singles

no info Boy, What'll You Do Then / Boy, What'll You Do Then (instrumental), Denise & Company, 1966, Wee 107

Albums that include the Denise & Company single

info It's Bad for You But Buy It, The Ace Of Cups, 2004
info Uptight Tonight: Ultimate 60's Garage Collection, Various Artists, 2005

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