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California Hall Discography

This is a discography of albums recorded at the California Hall. Built in 1912 and originally called Das Deutsches Haus. The building, at 625 Polk Street, was renamed California Hall at the outbreak of World War 1. The hall was used for some early Family Dog shows in 1965, the Grateful Dead played shows at the hall in 1966 and 1969. The venue was used for other rock shows in the sixties and seventies but was never a full time music venue. The building is now the California Culinary Academy.

info Cheaper Thrills, Big Brother And The Holding Company, 1984
info Big Brother & the Holding Company Live, Big Brother and The Holding Company, 1984
info Live in San Francisco 1966, Big Brother and The Holding Company, 2002

info Dawn Of The Tubes: Demo Daze and Radio Waves, The Tubes, 2000 (1 song)

info Too Close for Comfort, Terry & The Pirates, 1979 (Part)

Last updated Jan 2007